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Independent agents and
Personal Real Estate Corporations

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Do you know how to minimize your tax burden?
Do you understand where all your money goes?
Are you claiming ALL your Input Tax Credits for GST?
Does GST and Income tax time give you stress?
Do you wish you knew where your business was going?

Year Round Consultation!

Have someone in your corner to consult with and ask ideas of.

Our relationship will grow as we review the quarterly reports and generate ideas on how your business might improve. Availability by telephone or email, for that question you were not sure who to ask. The comfort of knowing you will have one person looking after you and your family, year after year. Someone in touch with what you need and what you want.

Financial Planning

  • Have a plan on where your business is going
  • Understand how your cash is going to flow in the upcoming months and years
  • Understand what percentages of income you should commit to what areas of your business
  • Preview the year ahead before it happens
  • Set your targets which will be compared to your actual results

New Clients Receive a
Introductory Offer to
our Services

What is Provided?

  • Income and expenses posted in a computerized environment on a regular basis to ensure all expenses are recorded
  • A detailed breakdown of all expenses to understand where your income gets spent each year
  • Accurate tax postings for both GST and income tax to minimize your tax bill
  • GST returns processed and submitted with proper input credits
  • Financial reports to analyze your past and future goals for management of your business
  • Yearly Income tax preparation and filing prepared with complete records that minimize your tax and stress

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